Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Treadmill Hell

Thank you, Northeast storms, for making my training that much more difficult! I never was really serious when I called myself ADD, however, after tonights attempt at a long-ish treadmill run, it is official. Family Guy, Cash Cab, Ipod, and people watching (many of these at the same time) could not hold my attention this evening. Not to mention, the amazing aroma of all of the gross sweating guys running their 1 mile (post weight lifting session), which overwhelmed me and eventually made me so nauseous, I could no longer go on. I did hit a new personal best for 6 miles, as I COULD NOT WAIT to get off of the hamster wheel for humans!

Unfortunately, at this point, I can't risk going out in the snow, and more importantly, the ice, as the risk of falling is waaaay to high for a clutz like me.

On a more positive note (sorry for the rant), I am really looking forward to my 80's themed charity pub crawl this Saturday. This may sounds strange, but a bunch of my friends, friends of friends, and teammates are getting together in 80's attire, and jumping from pub to pub on Saturday afternoon, into the night. There will be neon head bands, karaoke, and hopefully lots of fundraising going on. Plenty of pictures, and updated fundraising status to come!

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