Monday, February 9, 2009

Pub Crawl Craziness!

Saturday morning started out with a fabulous 15 mile running tour of Boston, from Southie to the North End and back, with 4 of my fabulous teammates (and one cool dude from the Lazarus House team), organized by Sully. Our coach even had the sense to stop us to record our teamwork with a pic:
From R to L, Mike (from LH), Sully, Yours truly, Svea, and Yee May
Why I'm not looking at the camera, we don't really know. I think I thought it was over :)

After a strong finish around Castle Island, we headed home, some of us to go take care of children (not me!) or others of us to rest up for the pending night time event- My 80s themed Fundraising Pub Crawl! How do you raise money on a pub crawl, you may ask. You bring along a ton of neon colored sweat headbands, a couple of flyers to prove we are legit, and some really outgoing, good looking friends :) R to L again, Danny, Julie, Mwa, and Jenn
This is just a taste of the crazy MGH speech path team spirit.

We started at 3 oclock at a sports bar, and then headed out on the town. Some may call us crazy, I call it commitment! Within the first hour, we had already sold half of our headbands, most of which pulled in $20 donations. At our second/dinner stop, we had a fabulous visit by the head of our team, Susan (no picture sadly).

By our third stop, we were even more outgoing, and found the best target audience, a bunch of men that LOOOOVE orange head bands. I kid you not, I went to the restroom for about 5 minutes, and when I walked out, this is what I awaited me:

Note, Allison, the other girl in this pic, is the only person that I knew prior to walking into this bar. The rest were all attracted solely by head bands and the opportunity to donate to charity. . . riiiiiiight!

By the time we got to our first karaoke bar, we had actually run out of headbands, and I started having to take them from friends to get more donations! Unfortunately, our camera died after the first 3 bars, but another teammate, Svea, and her bf and friend also came to join in the fun!

So, want to hear the grand total. . . wait, I have more pictures!I think it's pretty clear that Julie (front and center) was a child of the 80's, love that hair! With my head band pimps (Allison and Josh on the R)

Thought you should get a better idea of how ridiculous my outfit was! Oh, didn't know these guys either, but they donated, so they got a pic!
Teammates on the Town

Sully's Friends, me and Allison
Josh is a lucky man, if I do say so myself!

Ok, now it's time to share our total fundraising efforts! Drum roll please. . . . . . .


I am so thankful to my friends, teammates, and the random strangers who are so incredibly generous, and are making such a difference in the lives of kids! It makes the training so much easier and more worthwhile :)

If this has inspired anyone else to join in the fundraising fun, feel free to go to my website:

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