Saturday, March 14, 2009

What I learned today :)

I know, it has been forever since I updated this blog. Sorry! I don't have any new pictures, and I keep waiting to get some so that my blog is more interesting, but then I realized, I am interesting sans photos (right?!)!

So, going with the theme that inspired this title, I will tell you all of the things that I learned today (most of which were self-taught on my run). First:

1. I can run 20 miles. . . all at once! Have you ever driven on the freeway, and seen signs for how long it is until your exit. Normally that's what, 4 or 5 miles at once. I can run 5 times that much!

2. Moderately attractive boy + cute puppy = hot boy! I may have known this before, but boys are automatically cuter when they have a dog in tow. Especially if its a little puppy. They were all over the place this morning!

3. Did you know that Vitamin Water is almost exactly like Gatorade, particularly in the fruit punch flavor. Not quite as sweet, and totally delicious. Much recommended. The fruit punch flavor is called "Revive," which I needed, and would definitely encourage others to try.

4. On the same note, many people claim that chocolate milk is the best recovery drink (due to a good balance of sugar, protein, fat, etc). I would like to support the idea of red wine as a recovery drink (good for the heart, tastes delicious, full of antioxidants). Maybe not immediately post run, but at least when you are hanging on the couch writing your blog later in the evening :)

5. I thought about taking a picture to go with this next one, but decided against it, for the sake of my readers. I now have a HUGE bruise on my inner calf, just below my knee. Now, I wish that I had a really good story to go with this hideous black and blue blemish. Some of these stories could include, a small child ran into me on his/her little bicycle, which met directly with my inner calf, OR, I had a run in with a patient and her bowl of oatmeal as it was launched across the room (accidental of course, but almost happened this week.) But no, the culprit in this situation is the "non-slip" mat in my aunt and uncle's guest shower. Now, this little mat promises to keep you safe, inspiring confidence in it's little suction cups of security, however, IT LIES! Me, side of tub, fall, not graceful, definitely painful!

6. Even the littlest act of kindness can be so inspiring. A random man on Beacon Street, amidst all of the foot traffic of people going in and out of stores, put his hand out to me for a High-5 as I was running up a little hill. I have to say, at mile 18, when I was thinking of walking a bit, that simple act made me keep going. I guess it's nice to know that people notice hard work, and are supportive, even to strangers :)

Those are the lessons of today. BTW, not to ask for them or anything, but I love it when people comment (that way I know people read this thing and I am not just writing for myself :)

Happy St. Patty's Day. Celebratory 5k tomorrow, more info, and hopefully pictures to follow.

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  1. Oh you poor thing! So sorry to hear about your calf...sounds painful! I am proud of you for running so far- that is so impressive and I could never do that. I couldn't even do that if somebody put a gun to my head and said they would shoot me if I did not run 20 miles. Yep, I am THAT pathetic :)