Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Week In Review

Theme of the Week: What was I THINKING!?

Monday: 8 mile run in ~10 degree weather (that's not including wind chill!) I have to say, it is amazing how many random, crazy thoughts go through your head during a long run, in the freezing cold, by yourself. When I got home, I just jotted down a few of those thoughts, so here they are:
1. I didn't know that rivers freeze, but apparently the Charles is there to refute that thought.
2. So there are large pieces of snow, they kind look like giant snow balls, on top of the ice on the river. How do they get there? Where do they come from?
3. On this run, I counted a total of 11 other runners. This is where I first started my theme of the week!
4. Of these 11 people, there were only 2 men. This led me to think, are men just wussy, or are they smarter? By the end of my run, I decided they are just wusses :) No offense boys!
There were many more, but I won't bore you.

Tuesday: Little cross training spin class.

Wednesday: Some much needed rest!

Thursday: Got to meet my marathon team for the first time! It was sooo much fun. It was held at the GoKids gym on UMass Boston campus. This gym is basically the coolest place a kid could ever hang out! It is basically the coolest arcade meets Bally's. More details to come :)

Friday: Yet another rest day. . . it was a long week!

Saturday: Nothing better to prep for a beerfest than a hill run on the treadmill. It was quick, but quality!

Sunday: Rest!

Holiday Monday: No holiday for me. I for some reason decided it would be a good idea to go out for a 15 mile run (longest run ever!) For some reason I thought that the sidewalks around the river would be plowed, but nay, this was not the case. At one point, I knew that I wasn't thinking straight when I got passed by a CROSS COUNTRY SKIER! It basically became snow shoeing without the appropriate footwear. I literally ran for 3 whole hours (much longer than it would normally take me to run this distance). Once again I say . . . What was I thinking!

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  1. It is officially official. You are indeed a crazy person! Love the blog though, keep updating! :)