Monday, January 5, 2009

It is C to the O to to the L to the D!

So I know that everyone thinks, ohh Boston, the weather there is cold, but I don't think that anyone could actually understand what -1 with a windchill that causes to post a "feels like" temperature of -17. I knew what this felt like, when I couldn't see because my eyes were watering so much from the wind in my face, and I then realized that my tears were actually FREEZING TO THE SIDE OF MY FACE! Is that even possible? I didn't think so, but apparently it is! We'll pretend like that's a pic of me, but I really do run there, and it looked much like that!

To top it all off, this was on New Year's day, status post party at Allison's that included about 8 glasses of champagne. Run it off is my theory!

Me, Julie (friend from work), her BF, and Cassie (starlett of the party!)

Luckily, the parentals and my aunt and uncle hooked me up with some pretty awesome outdoor running gear for Christmas, which has been helping a lot. Made it through the longest cold run today, which was 8 miles in ~20 degree weather. It was surprisingly refreshing! I recommend everyone try it. No, seriously, you should!

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  1. I can't really comprehend how cold that is. Not to mention RUNNING in it!! You are a crazy lady but I'm proud of you! Love the blog, keep updating. :)